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  5. "Whose daughter is it?"

"Whose daughter is it?"

Translation:Чия це донька?

November 6, 2017



Why is the "це" necessary and what does that mean exactly?


It is an indicator, "це" can be translated as "this", without this word you can only use the sentence when the person was talking about family relations and you make a question to what you just heard, whether you didn't hear properly or ask in surprise.

  • So that girl over there is my daughter.
  • Чия донька? (Whose daughter?) Yours? I could never tell, you look like sisters!

But with "це" the sentence can be a conversation starter, you ask out of interest or other scenarios. Without "це" the usage is more narrow, more specific


Why is it literally whose is the daughter? In English the is comes after the word but in Ukrainian it comes before. Why? Thanks!


It's literally, "Whose is this daughter?" but the present tense verb "є," ("is") is omitted in Ukrainian. Also, the word order is much more flexible than the English subject-verb-object structure


Hi. Why can't "Чия донька це?" be correct?

[deactivated user]

    I spelt it дочка


    That's Russian, not Ukrainian.



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