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  5. "Hatujulikani hapa"

"Hatujulikani hapa"

Translation:We are not known here

November 6, 2017



Why is there a ni at the end there?


Because the verb is kujulikana
In the negative present, the a gets turned into i, just like all other verbs that end with a.

Sometimes the -ika/-eka ending is followed by -ana, cf.: kupatikana = to be available
kuwezekana = to be possible
kuonekana = to be visible
kushindikana = to fail (of an action)


"We are unknown here" should be an acceptable answer, I think.


Can anyone tell me what "kujulikana" means.

Is it in anyway realated to "kujua" ?

I thought the sentence meant "we don't know each other here", because I was thinking the recipocal form of "kujua".


-jua: stative form: -julika. Some verbs take the reciprocal -na in the stative form to indicate a broader or general situation. And so we have -julikana, that in the present negative becomes -julikani.


The app is saying i got the answer but it is showing me in red message

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