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I'm a starter on french and need some help.

i would like to see what other people know in french i don't know much but know the simple words.

November 6, 2017



first of all,the first few words you need to know is:

  • hello-bonjour

  • goodbye-au revoir

  • thank you/thanks-merci

  • please-sil te plait

  • no-non

  • yes-oui

okay.so here are the numbers up to 15:

  • one-un/une

  • two-deux

  • three-trois

  • four-quatre

  • five-cinq

  • six-six

  • seven-sept

  • eight-huit

  • nine-neuf

  • ten-dix

  • eleven-onze

  • twelve-douze

  • thirteen-treize

  • fourteen-quatorze

  • fifteen-quinze

and maybe some words you might need at a restaurant:

  • menu-menu

  • beer-biere

  • wine-du vin

  • eat-manger/mangez/mange/manges

  • good-bien

  • bad-mauvais

  • chef-chef

  • thank you/thanks-merci

well,there is lots more,and i hope to put on more later,but im really out of time.


The 'simple words' are the basis of your knowledge. You learn the simple words first and then connect them with other words. Go through the tree, but don't race through it. For many, it is a temptation to rush through it to get to the golden owl at the end. Practice some everyday. The world we live in has trained us to expect things instantly - microwave ovens, smart phones. It will take you a while to learn French and you will feel like you're stupid, but you're not. It is really just practicing over and over for a few years. You've got this and if you put the work in, you can do this. Bonne chance! (That means good luck).


I am not the furthest on french but I do know a bit. I would like to help if I could with things I've learned.


Sorry, I barely know French at all...


People can help you but they can't do much. It would be better to do your lessons and learn it then if you have any questions post a discussion about it.

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