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"The siblings see an elephant."

Translation:Die Geschwister sehen einen Elefanten.

March 14, 2013



Why is this listed as another correct solution? "Die Geschwister sehen einen Elefanten." Elefanten is plural, isn't it?


I see, thanks. This canoo.net site is great! So far I used this page: http://szotar.sztaki.hu/search?fromlang=ger&tolang=hun&fromlang=ger&tolang=hun&searchWord=elefant&langcode=hu&u=0&langprefix=&searchMode=WORD_PREFIX&viewMode=full&ignoreAccents=0 (its a Hungarian-... dictionary) But from now on I believe, I'll use canoo (even though my native language is Hungarian so I have to know the English word first...) Thanks again.


Ein elefant. Singular here

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