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Forms of "the"

I have a hard time knowing when to use different forms of "the". Any tips?!?

November 6, 2017



you should learn the word with the article from the start, so you shouln't learn "Katze" but "die Katze". :)


Honestly, you will just need to memorize which the to use for each noun. Instead of learning dog=Hund, learn the nouns with the article the. The dog= Der Hund


do specific forms of articles relate to the nouns


The hint has been written alot here, but I´ll repeat it and add a little how.

When you learn a new noun, learn it with it´s presented article. Die Sonne, der Schuh ect. I recommend writing it on a paper, make a chart where you write in the noun with the article. There are some rules for which article to use for what kind of words too. But that is helpful a little later. you can goodle "Artikelbestimmung (genusbestimmung)" if you wanna look it up. :)

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