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  5. "학생들이 공항의 온도를 기록해요."

"학생들이 공항의 온도를 기록해요."

Translation:The students record the airport's temperature.

November 6, 2017



I wrote "Students record the airport temperature" - as in English this can still be considered a possessive I think the translation is fine.


學生들이 空港의 溫度를 記錄해요.



記(기록할 기): keep in mind, remember, record

錄 (기록할 록): copy, write down, record

since the individual meanings are so similar, I will try to find words that include these characters:

記: 기억(memory), 기념(commemoration), 기사(account,article,report), 기입(entry), 기자(journalist)

錄: 녹음(recording)

do note that 錄's pronunciation changes when in the beginning of a word to 녹


This makes me remember about the recent news about that a lot of korean elders went to hang out at incheon airport this summer because they can ride the train for free and it's cold there

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