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"Požádali ho, aby je vzal na letiště."

Translation:They asked him to take them to the airport.

November 6, 2017



They asked him if he would take them to the airport. That's what I wrote. It wasn't accepted, so I wonder how you would would write what I said in Czech. Any takers?


Zeptali se ho, jestli by je vzal na letiště.


Why it is "... to the airport" and not "... at the airport". I mean why it means to take to the airport and not to take from the airport. Wouldn't "vzal do letiště" be more suitable for "... to the airport"?


"To the airport" means you are moving there, and that's "na letiště". If you are already there, it's "na letišti". So if you are taking someone TO the airport, it's "na letiště", if you are taking them at the airport (like taking them to your car or whatnot), it's "na letišti".

And you don't use "do letiště/v letišti", it's just a wrong preposition. It's always "na letiště/na letišti". It's in similar vein as saying "I'm in airport" in English, just doesn't work for arbitrary reasons.


That would be "bring". Currently accepted verbs here are: "vzal/odvezl/zavezl/převezl/odnesl/zanesl/přenesl/odvedl/zavedl"


pozadali in the dictionary definition seems to indicate request, demand. That seems stronger than 'asked' The sentence was ' Pozadali ho, aby je vzal na letiste.'


Requested as in demanded would be "Požadovali".

Požádat normally mean to ask. It can also mean he requested, but then it is not the demand kind of request. It is a generic one. You have to fill some form so you do it, but it does not convey any demanding.

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