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  5. "We may read this book only."

"We may read this book only."

Translation:Smíme číst jen tuto knihu.

November 6, 2017



Would it be correct if "jen" was at the end of the sentence, as in:" Smíme číst tuto knihu jen" ?


Ha! It was a yes or no question, wasn't it? So, why is "jen" not okay at the end of the sentence? Can it ever go at the end? Thanks


Rarely, in certain sentences it can.

"Ano," řekl jen. He only said "yes".

Tak tedy přece jen. But here it is a part of the "přece jen" which can be treated as a single dictionary entry.

In poetry or poetic dramatic sentences (dramatic moments in theatre plays):

Já místo bohyně vzívala jeho jen. Instead of the goddess I adored only him.

Život plyne jako sen,
stačí panenkou být jen.
Jen panenkou stačí byt,
nic lidského necítit.

Here the verse metre dictates which words can go where instead of the standard language rules.

And finally: Nejvíce dnes posílily dolar a jen. :)

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