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  5. "Riña taobā vāedis."

"Riña taobā vāedis."

Translation:The girl and the boy are singing.

November 6, 2017



The both are not the same between "taobā & taoba"?


"Taobā" in this case means "and a boy" or "and the boy". "Taoba" just means "boy", "a boy" or "the boy".

You could write "Taoba riñā vāedis." This means "The boy and the girl sing." "Rina" becomes "rinā" in this case, you see?

In case it wasn't clear there is a pronunciation difference between "a" and "ā". The "ā" is pronounced twice as long like "aa". "Taoba" becomes "taobaa (taobā)".

Hope this helps.


in the examples put girl,a girl and the girl

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