"How often do you say it?"

Translation:Jak často to říkáš?

November 6, 2017

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Why in this case to has not to be at the first/second position?


"jak často" is a single unit, taking up the first position.


Isn't "Jak často říkáš to?" correct?


No, the word order is wrong. If you use interrogative pronoun and a object is a pronoun, you say the pronoun first: "Jak často to říkáš?" "Kdy jsi ji viděl?" or "Odkud ho přinesli?"

Translations being "How often do you say it?" "When did you see her" and "Where did they bring him from"


If I were to ask how often you use a specific word, say kozy. Would 'Jak často kozy říkáš?' feel less natural than 'Jak často kozy mluvíš?'


Říkáš is the right one, but Jak často říkáš X? is the natural order.


What is the difference between "mluvít" and "říkat"? It looks like mluvít is more like "to speak in general" and říkat is "to talk about something in particular", but I'm not sure if I get this right.


Basically: to say something - říct něco (once), říkat něco (repeatedly). To talk about something - mluvit o něčem. To speak - mluvit.

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