"The eyes are windows to the soul."

Translation:Die Augen sind Fenster zur Seele.

November 6, 2017

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It's kind of confusing to have 2 sentences so close to one another.

"The eyes are windows to the soul."


"Eyes are the windows of the soul"

And then to nitpick the differences between "to the" and "of the", as well as between "eyes" and "the eyes"


Ran into the same irritating problem . Thanks for expressing it better than I could.


If your house has windows, they are windows of the house.

If there is a tree in your backyard, then the back of your house has windows to the tree.


... not a technical concern ...


...And to be asked the same question repeatedly in practice sessions, despite having got it correct each time. What's the point of that?!


Is it okay to say "die Augen sind die Fenster zur Seele"?


Yes, I used the same translation: "Die Augen sind die Fenster zur Seele" and the answer was accepted. It is more common in German to use the definite article in front of "Augen" and of "Fenster".


Yes, it is. It would make the same difference as in english "the eyes are (the) windows to the soul" where you had a more specified and restrictive meaning (if the eyes are THE windows to the soul there are no other windows, if the eyes are just windows there could be more/other windows).

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it would also be okay to say it as singular, das Fenster, as you can mean the pair of eyes even if you say "die Augen"


YEs, what Spiffwalker said.. Totally agree. And I questioned the "of the" when it came up first, thinking, "isn't it 'into the soul'" but given that the sentence was spoken in German, I thought that must be the way they said it in German.


I know it as "Die Augen sind Spiegel der Seele" - "The eyes are mirrors of the soul"


Surely 'der Seele' means 'to the soul' as well?


I tried "Die Augen sind Fenster der Seele" and it marked it wrong, but I really think that's semantically equivalent and should be accepted.


"Der Seele" would rather be "of the soul". Similar, but not the same.

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There is no problem with the sentence and its translation. At first I was a little irritated, too. But the two sentences are formulated in a different manner. When the English sentence is "to the soul", then is the right translation "zur Seele". For the sentence "of the soul", the translation "der Seele" is correct and both translations make sense in German. (:


... contiguity was the issue, not the grammar ...


I found on Google:

  • 34 600 hits for "Fenster zur Seele"


  • 52 600 for " Fenster der Seele"

Both expressions are usual German and have a very similar meaning, they are only a little bit differently formulated. And now, I don't know, what your problem is?!


Op is Spiffwalker ... read the issue ... similar sentences close together with minimal differences in meaning ...


Yes, I have already read.

  • first expression "windows to the soul" = "Fenster zur Seele". This is the view through the windows into the soul

  • second expression "windows of the soul" = "Fenster der Seele". You can see through a window in both directions - in and out. ;)


Why can't fenster go at the end of the sentence?


Shouldn't window be plural?


Yes, it should and it is. "Die Fenster" are plural and "the windows" are plural as well. The German singular is "das Fenster". Without the definite article, you can't differentiate between singular and plural of the word "Fenster".


in german we say: die augen sind das fenster zur seele

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