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French Translation and Help?

I've seen a lot of posts like this, but I am creating some French stuff and would like some help. I haven't seen many websites that can accurately translate English sentences into French.

If you could help with a few sentences, or find a good translation website, please recommend here. It would help a lot!


  • Would you like to play with me?

(not sure if there are many accurate translations)

  • Where is the soccer ball?

(is soccer ball 'ballon de football'? Or is there a better translation?)

  • Not bad; keep going!

(maybe this could be found on a site or in a textbook?)

  • I will bring the ball back.

(haven't found any translations yet...)

  • He is a good friend.

(um, pretty sure it's 'il est un bon ami' or something similar)

Any good translation sites? Please help!

Thank you!

November 6, 2017



I don't know where you tried to translate it but google translate is perfect for simple sentences like these. I'm a native french person and all these sentences are really used in French


A tip for translating sentences with Google Translate: put a full stop at the end of the sentence. Otherwise, it might translate each word individually rather than the sentence as a whole. Other than that, I agree that it's a great tool.

  • Aimerais-tu jouer avec moi? ou Voudrais-tu jouer avec moi?
  • Où est le ballon de football? ou Où est le ballon de soccer? (In Quebec, we say the second one).
  • Pas mauvais; continue! ou Pas mal; continue!
  • Je vais rapporter/ramener la balle/le ballon.
  • C'est un bon ami (it is the same for She/He, we don't really say "Il est un bon ami" or "Elle est une bonne amie").


Please help! Some sites are grammatically inaccurate!

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