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"What kind of meat do you have on your plate?"

Translation:Jaké máš na talíři maso?

November 6, 2017



I understand the progression of known info, followed by less clear/new info when it comes to Czech word order, but could someone further clarify how this applies to questions? My instinct is to couple 'jaké' with 'maso.'


Jaké maso máš na talíři or similar is perfectly acceptable.


The Czech translation ignores the fact that the question is about YOUR plate. Why?


I believe there is a convention in Czech that when it is clear who the "possessor" is, as it is here in the English sentence, the possessive pronoun may be omitted. Translations using forms of "your" on the Czech side also are accepted.


What is wrong with: Jake maš na vašem taliři maso?


Your sentence mixes a singular verb with a plural possessive. Options using that word order, however, are accepted.


I am mystified again. AFAIK, vašem is the sixth pad of vaš (vašim is plural, third pad). I was just trying to include in the Czech sentence the notion of YOURS from the English sentence. I don't see how that is either plural possessive or wrong.


váš - is a plural possesive in the sense that the owner is plural - vy. Then you can, of course, decline it for the object owned to be singular - váš, or plural - vaši, vaše.

But you are mixing máš, which relates to singular ty, and váš, which relates to plural vy. With ty máš you use the tvůj possesive.

Finally, it is much better to use the svůj possesive, when the object owned belongs to the subject of the sentence: "Jaké maso máš na svém talíři?"


Thanks-- I forgot that Czech has the formal VY, with all the complications that come with it. I can see that svuj would have been the right word to use.


Like the previous contributors, I struggled with this one. Can I ask, is the "é" on "Jaké" to agree with "maso"? Thanks.

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