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"Kateřina, why did you marry František?"

Translation:Kateřino, proč sis brala Františka?

November 6, 2017



Does "proč sis vzala Františka?" also work? I would have thought this sentence requires the perfective form as it describes a completed past action.


It does. "Brát" and "vzít" are used equally in sense of marrying.


What is wrong with this ? "Proč jsi si vzala Františka, Kateřino?"


Also note that "jsi si" is not correct Czech, although it can often be heard in the spoken language.

In standard literary Czech, "jsi si" becomes "sis", and "jsi se" becomes "ses".


Ah, I was wondering if jsi si was more acceptable than sis. Thanks!


Some less educated Czechs write "jsi si" and "jsi se" under the illusion that it's more correct/proper than "sis" and "ses", which they mistakenly consider incorrect.


It is not on the level of "by jsi si". This article is pretty convincing.


Thanks, it's an interesting article that thoroughly documents how these forms flucuated throughout our history and how different linguists had different attitutes towards them.

However, today, "ses" and "sis" are officially the only accepted forms of combining the reflexive pronouns "se" and "si" with the 2nd person singular form of the verb "být", while "jsi se" and "jsi si" are incorrect according to the official code: https://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/?id=580

I sometimes catch myself saying "jsi se" or "jsi si", probably because I'm from Prague, but I would never write it. And reading it hurts my eyes. :-D


I would not be as strict as to say "incorrect". The author of prirucka appears to be well aware of thin ice they are on and do not use the asterisk and just say "v mluveném jazyce časté, ne dosud kodifikované".


Do not just change the order of stuff without any reason if it is separated by a comma. There is no reason to have to support all those countless orders.


The suggested order when you select the phrase in the app is "brala sis" but the correct answer is "sis brala."


What kind of exercise do you have in mind? What exactly is suggested there? In which way?

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