"Do you believe that it is necessary to have a telephone?"

Translation:Tu crezi că e necesar să ai un telefon?

November 7, 2017

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Would "Crezi că trebuie să aveți un telefon?" be fine? Mulțumesc!


Yes, but only in a specific context. "Crezi" implies you're talking in second person singular (you) but "trebuie sa aveti" has to be in this context second person plural, so the person you're saying this to has to be part of a group of some sort that is is implied (e.g. family). Hope this helps


Why not "s-ai un telefon"? I did it and was marked wrong.


because that is not a valid contraction in Romanian. Perhaps you're thinking of the reflexive s-au:

Ei s-au vazut (they saw each other) Ei s-au pupat (they kissed each other)


What would be the translatio if you is group of people noy only one like in the example?


Credeti ca e necesar sa ai telefon? (when asking for a general "you" Do you think it's necessary to have a phone?)

Credeti ca e necesar sa aveti telefon? (When asking them specifically: Do you think YOU need to have a phone?

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