"My grandfather passed away yesterday."


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Can someone break this down for me? Thank you!

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そふ=Grandfather (This is the casual form for grandfather which means he is your grandfather.)

が=Subject marker (が is showing that the grandfather is the subject.)

なくなり=Become lost

ました=(Polite past tense) 

If you translated it literally into English it would be:

"Yesterday, my grandfather pass away was."

Which can then become:

"My grandfather passed away yesterday."

Put together, なくなる (dictionary form) means to pass away or be lost. なく is to "lose" and なる is to "become".

There is another word in Japanese for "die." It is しぬ. However, this sounds very harsh. なくなる is a better word to use when talking about a person.

なくなり can be used for other things as well. Like losing your appetite, something falling out of fashion, running out of money, etc.

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If i say " DIE" in japanese what would it be. I mostly hear Bakugo- from My Hero Academia saying .... " SHI- NE" is that correct. Funny thing is that this word is similar to the word Shine in English.. HAHAHA!!

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Well, you should keep in mind that anime are really unpolite as shine is the imperative form of shinu and means "die!". It is correct, but hardly used by a common person in Japan.

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I used "shinimashita" (sorry, no kana on my keyboard here) and was marked wrong.

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Shinimashita would be more "My grandfather died." Passed away is more sensitive and would be translated as Nakunarimashita.

9 months ago


Using "は”, wouldn't the sentence be "As for my grandfather, he passed away yesterday", so why is "が” used in this context

9 months ago


While 死にました is correct for saying died, it is very abrasive. The proper way of saying it would be きのう、わたしのそふがなくなりました。 or 昨日、私の祖父が亡くなりました。in Kanji.

8 months ago


It's spreading like the plague. I wonder whether Duo will survive this lesson or not.

7 months ago


昨日祖父に死なれた should be accepted here.

7 months ago


I wrote, "昨日、そふはなくなりました。” As far as I can tell, Duolingo didn't like the comma? Is that the only mistake?

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