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Stupid laddering question

I have done due diligence, or so I think, but I can't find a clear path to laddering that answers my question(s).

I have a list of subscriptions that I am happy with, both the list and history of such, all of them "from English" to another language.

IF: I go to "Add a New Course", choose another language from the "I Speak:" menu (for example, choose "Italian"), and then choose a language from the list (say, German, if I wish to start a "German from Italian" course)

1) Will I lose the rest of my history? 2) Will this just appear in my list of languages under my icon? 3) Is it easy to switch back and forth between base languages, or does DuoLingo just do this automatically based on the choice you make under your icon?

Thank you to the tolerant cognoscenti.

November 7, 2017



You don't lose anything by switching. On the web version it's easy enough to switch, you just click on the selector at the top. On a mobile device you have to pretend you're adding the other course again to switch to it (but of course you're not starting, just going back to where you were).


Yeah mobile is different than the web I have heard in some fashions. My response was based on the web version



I obviously don't want to lose my existing history. Anyone's explanation that can lay it out clearly and concisely would be most welcome. Thank you.


Thanks. Got it. Took a moment or two as all my menus stayed in the new language until I chose one of my old languages from my icon-menu. But now, I see the dual-flag icon as a sub-list below my main language list and I think I understand how it works. Tried one lesson out - FUN!


I just lost a 200+ consecutive day record because of an argument with my girlfriend. Eh, what're ya gonna do - she was more important.


Girlfriend more important than a streak? I don't know bruh. lol.......did you win the argument?


1) No 2)Yes 3) Yes, its easy. I am learning languages from 4 or 5.


Sorry to waste everyone's time.


Don't worry about it, your question is a common one due to a design oversight on Duolingo's part.

As a side note, you can reply directly to other comments by clicking the "Reply" text below their response instead of typing in the field at the top of the page. Doing that will make your response appear indented like this one (and Enzo's above).

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