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Question About Afrikaans

For the people who have tried learning Afrikaans (this is important because I am interested in feedback from people who have tried to learn the language) what resources have you utilized? What specific things have you gotten out of those resources? And how well do you know the language now?

I have an interest in learning a bit of it, and am interested in hearing from people who have already headed in that direction.

November 7, 2017



Here's some nice sources. There's also some Afrikaans files here, as well as various other languages.


So the thing is, I knew I would get this comment and that those resources are there. That is why I asked if anyone had tried to do it because getting like a massive list of resources is not really what I am interested in, but resources that are helpful. Are some of those? Maybe. DO I really want to sort through them? Not really. Why? I want to know who has tried to do what I ask about to get a better idea of it to see if I really want to go that way.


Well, I am not one of those people, but here is my opinion.

Firtly I assume you have tried to learn Afrikaans too, so with that in mind, I'm sure you know that Dutch and Afrikaans are closely related. So if I would be studying that language. I would be studying doing a Dutch course(Because Afrikaans is not available on Duolingo yet), but every single sentence that I would be learning I would be studying it in Afrikaans too. But I wouln't be studying its translation but I would be studying its pronunciation too, mainly trought the wiktionary, specifically looking for its IPA, and es.forvo.com also would be a good help.


I haven't. I wanted people who actually had done it to some success! I know that about dutch, and its similarity, but was wondering if anyone has any new, or ideas that come from experiance about how to go about it.

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