"Který je měsíc?"

Translation:Which month is it?

November 7, 2017

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If you had "which moon is it", would it be the same?


No. That type of "měsíc" cannot just "be". The difference can only be felt indirectly in English because it uses the dummy "it" in "It is June." and the real "it" in "It is Ganymede."

The indirection is the difference between "That is Ganymede." and "That is June." The latter is a huh? kind of statement.

In Czech, you would need "Který je to měsíc?" (which actually does not work for June).


"Which month it is?" is not correct english?


No, that word order is not correct in English as a stand-alone sentence. But it would work in something like, "I'm so tired, I don't even know which month it is." Or as a question, in something like, "Which month did you say it is?"


"What month do we have." probably not accepted, to far from the czech sentence? But i would like to know the typical czech version as well. Thx


"Který/Jaký měsíc máme?" is also possible in Czech, it sounds casual/colloquial, and not so common. It also sounds like you're asking a child (or treating someone condescendigly/jokingly like a child).

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