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Easy laddering instructions; how to "up" your language game

If you want an extra challenge, try learning from one of your languages to another. Rather than learning German from English, for example, try learning German from Italian (if you're already studying Italian, that is.)

It's not obvious how to do this, but it's easy. You will not lose your current record, history, lingots, etc.

1) Log on, of course. Click on your icon (in the blue strip at the top) to show your list of languages, Select "Add a new course".

2) At the top right, choose a language (your desired "FROM" language) from the "I speak:" menu.

3) Click on the brightly colored icon for the language you want to translate to. (Your "TO" language.)

4) You will now be immersed in a new wonderful bizarro world between your two chosen languages. You can proceed, OR you can get back to your comfort zone by clicking on your icon (in the blue bar at the top of the screen) and selecting something from your original list. That should take you back to familiar territory. (Your new bizarro language choice will be at the bottom of your language-choice list, below a divider, and obviated by a double-flag indicating your dual-language choice. You can get back there by selecting it.) Until you make the switch back, all your menus will be in your "new" language - caveat emptor!

5) This works on the web-browser version. I have no idea about any other medium.

6) Now that I've done this, I'm THOROUGHLY enjoying the back-and-forth.

November 7, 2017



I posted this because I couldn't find complete instructions that dealt with all my concerns. If you have further accretions, explications, etc., please figure out a constructive way to add them and post a MORE comprehensive set of instructions. My goal was/is to teach people how to ladder, comprehensively. Thank you.


I began to learn Spanish from English and my mother tongue is Portuguese. I think it's helping me a lot. Thank you for your post!


I loved DuoLingo before. Now that I've discovered laddering, I love it even more. Thank you, DuoLingo.


I started Duolingo laddering and eventually did the Portuguese from Spanish course. And now I have even started on the french and italian from portuguese course, so their are ways to take it even further.


I've already started doing this before seeing this post but yes, I like it. It's weird, though, how often I read a question and come up with a correct answer, but in a third language...


I don't think its weird. I do it in my 4th language. Not everything has to go back to ones original language!


5: I can confirm that it also works in the App (Android) ;-)


Good idea, here is my laddering experience:

Currently my goal, is learning 14 languages, my native language is Spanish, I have English as my priority language to learn, so I am learning 10 languages from English, and the rest through reverse courses.

So for now that's the only laddering I plan to do, and that way I feel like I am improving in my English and I am improving in the other languges.

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