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Japanese Placement Test Issues

It seems that the placement test (for Japanese course at least) isn't comprehensive enough to actually work out where to place people/auto test out.

I've studied Japanese for several years and the placement test determined I didn't know enough to be placed anywhere except the very beginning. I also tried testing out of the first lot of skills (before the first check point) and was again unsuccessful.

I then had to go into the individual units and managed to test out of all of them up until the first checkpoint, most of them done on the first try. I don't know if it's because it's still in beta or the 3 heart system is the problem, but something definitely isn't right here.

November 7, 2017



Whether the placement test or individual lessons themselves, a lesson/test is only as comprehensive (or flexible) as the number of inputs available within its correct answers repository. Being in beta is perhaps one of the reasons, but that also means that every time an experienced user sends feedback by hitting the My answer should be accepted button, the possibility of that repository growing in size (and the lesson becoming more comprehensive) will most likely increase, which is particularly true in the case of courses in beta. Of course, whether or not a new translation is accepted is subject to the course developers' scrutiny and judgement, but every contribution might help, although it also means that in the meantime, a number of experienced users may not pass the placement test easily or at all.


The placement test seems fine for me on web.

I just created a new account and tried it. I had four or five answers that weren't accepted. It put me at the final checkpoint with 13 skills remaining and my level jumped straight to level 8.

I made another new account after that and tried to be much more careful this time, making sure to avoid typing too many kanji and such. This time I managed to answer every question correctly! This put me halfway between the final checkpoint and the end of the tree, with only 6 skills remaining and level 9. ^^

I think it would be better not to use the placement test feature though, as the course is still in beta testing phase where people need to go through all the sentences reporting problems they have. On the other hand though, I guess the placement test increases the likelihood of users reporting the sentences nearer the end of the tree, as maybe less people might reach this far otherwise. I still think it might be better if beta courses had the placement test disabled anyway though.

If you answered lots of questions correctly and it still put you at the beginning of the tree, that does sound like a bug that needs fixing. It seems to be working perfectly fine on web though. Are you using one of the apps instead?


It took me about two hours to finish the placement test at a level that reflected my actual level. Constantly shocked at the lack of acceptance of perfectly valid responses. Then, after all that work, 100% correct finally! Phew. Wait, what... I still have six more levels to go?

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