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How to say to miss something or someone?

I have always learnt with 's'ennuyer de..'

but many have disagreed or it's an archaic way of saying to miss something/someone. Can someone elaborate.

Je m'ennuie de Montréal=I miss Montréal Je m'ennuie de toi=I miss you

November 7, 2017



I've honestly never heard anyone use "s'ennuyer de" this way.

To say you miss someone, most common is to say:

"Tu me manque" or "Vous me manquez", which means more like "You are missed by me". I don't think there's a way of saying it like we do in English as a direct translation of "I miss you".


Thanks lol I should quit trying to do grammar at three in the morning haha.


There are also the word ''manquer''


what does tu me manque mean?


tu me manques means I miss you.


I wouldn't say that s'ennuyer de is archaic so much as it's mainly used in quebec, at least these days. Since you are talking about Montreal, it doesn't seem problematic in that case, as I would guess you are learning french for communication in Canada?

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