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Losing my skill of German.

Hey everybody. Today I arrived back from my holiday. When I was on the flight home we had just pulled into my home place in the airport and I noticed someone on the plane said 'Keine Tasche'. Now I didn't understand this 'although I should have' and when we departed the plane I grabbed my mum's phone and looked up 'Tasche'. I should know this but after a whole 6 or so days I have lost some of my german vocabulary 'only temporarily I reckon. Has anyone else experienced this drastic loss of their skill in German after just a few days?

grüße liebe


November 7, 2017



Ich denke, das ist ganz normal. Aber ganz sicher wirst Du die "Tasche" jetzt nie wieder vergessen.


Ja. Wahrscheinlich.


Hi Cluney,

welcome back :-) Mimose and Scharing are right. It's normal. Sometimes you can't recall a word in your own language, sometimes in a language you've learned.

Alles halb so schlimm.

best regards Angel


Ganz normal. Du hast nur ein einzelnes Beispiel gegeben, aber ich nehme an, dass das mehr häufig erfolgt, oder? Sogar wenn man jeden Tag übt, würden alle Menschen ab und zu Wörter vergessen.

Darum würde ich mich nicht sorgen. Übe häufig, und mach weiter! Du kannst es schaffen!


I speak 3 languages. German, English and Norwegian. It´s normal to forget words from time to time. Sometimes I can´t recall simple words of any language. You are not alone!


Yes I have but don' worry about it! It happens. You will know some words better than others and you will remember some better than others. So don't worry about it!


I guess that the brain is like a muscle - if you don't use it, it will become weak in no time. On the other hand - do you really expect to activate a language skill that quick? Unless you're in a position where your brain sees your second language the same way as your first you'll allways need a few words (or even sentences) to understand the words spoken. So, everything is still natural, don't worry.

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