"There is no wrong answer."

Translation:Er is geen verkeerd antwoord.

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Why is Daar unacceptable in the place of er?

1 year ago

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When simply pointing out the existence (or in this case, non-existence) of something, you must use the unstressed "er".

Using "daar" would imply that there is no wrong answer at some specific location, which doesn't make sense.

1 year ago


It just told me to use 'onjuist' in the translate to Dutch question. That's a bit weird.

1 year ago


why is it verkeerd antwoord and not verkerde antwoord? I

1 month ago


Because "antwoord" is a neuter word ("het antwoord").

Neuter words sometimes drop the "e" from the end of an adjective. As far as I know this only happens when you use "een" or "geen".

So you say "Het spannende antwoord", "mijn verkeerde antwoord", "haar verrassende antwoord", but "een spannend antwoord", "geen verkeerd antwoord", "een verrassend antwoord".

Hope this helps!

1 month ago
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