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Sie and sie / Ihre and ihre

hello guys

am taking a german course and i remeber that i heard from the teacher that we Sie with capital s and sie wtih small s and the same situation with ihre . could someone tell me when can i use Sie and sie / Ihre and ihre ?

November 7, 2017



Capitalized "Sie" means "you" in a formal way, as in "Können Sie mir helfen?" ("Could you help me?"), while "sie" (without capitalization) could either mean "she" or "they"; you will know this from the context, and the way verbs are conjugated. Duolingo is a great tool for that. Now the difference with "Ihre" and "ihre" is basically the same; capitalized "Ihre" is a possessive meaning "your" for the formal register, and non-capitalized "ihre" can either mean "her" or "their" depending, again, on the context and verb conjugations.

It might sound complicated now, but it'll get easier. Trust me.


thanks a lot man . danke


The German grammar is explained in Duolingo's web version in the "Tips and notes" on the bottom of the lessons page of each skill,that introduces new grammar.

Workaround for App users

The grammar "Tips and notes" are available in the desktop mode of the browser of your phone/tablet.
In the Firefox browser you can select the "Desktop mode" via the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
(Note: This may be not working on iOS phones with a small screen)

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