"Přesto mě nemiluješ."

Translation:Yet you do not love me.

November 7, 2017

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why ''you don't love me yet'' is not accepted?


'Yet' has many meanings in English, placing it at the end would change the meaning of the sentence, which would then be translated as "Ještě mě nemiluješ."

From your username, I gather you might be Italian... With my very limited knowledge of Italian, I would say it's the same difference as between using 'eppure' and 'ancora', but I am not very sure of that.


Many thanks! The example in Italian is correct, I initially misunderstood the meaning of the sentence


The Tips section says přesto could mean yet, anyway, or despite this. So wouldn't it be correct to translate this sentence as "You don't love me anyway"? If not, I'd like to know why. English is not my first language, but I think this might have a similar meaning as the given translation.


why not: "anyway you do not love me" ?

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Taky by mě to zajímalo. Myslela jsem si, že se yet používá jen na konci věty,


Anyway you....ma posunuty vyznam. To Anyway na zacatku je jako "no, tak... ". Jako, ze "no, tak ty me stejne nemilujes, tak se budeme zabyvat necim jinym". Kdyz se da na konec te vety, tak uz to bude znamenat "stejne".

U toho YET je to mozna jeste zmatenejsi. Kdyz ho vrazime na konec tehle vety, tak to bude znamenat, ze me jeste nemilujes, ale je dost dobre, ze se to v budoucnosti zmeni. Takhle na zacatku znamena, ze me nemilujes is presto, ze jsem se snazil jak blazen.


Or in French? or German? Dutch? Italian? (Just being curious.)


Why not "anyway" rather than "yet".


"but you do not love me" was marked incorrect. Isn't "yet" here used ghe same way?


No, it is somewhat different. In Czech: Ale ty mě nemiluješ.

Here we have yet, anyway, despite of that,...


Is "nevertheless" too far of a stretch for "přesto" in "Přesto mě nemiluješ?"


I feel like "nevertheless"="nicméně" is somewhere between "yet / even so"="přesto" and "anyway"="stejně/každopádně".

I wouldn't be opposed to accepting them all, because the differences are subtle.


Well, I put "You don't love me despite this" (particular action on my part) and it was marked wrong. So... "Yet you do not love me" is more of a poetic way of expressing the idea but not "common". "And yet you do not love me" would most likely be more correct and in response to an ongoing discussion about a particular action. Just trying to get a handle on why my translation is wrong.


Although "přesto" is originally derived from "přes to" meaning really "despite that" it is now one word meaning yet, still. What exactly does it relate to must be derived from the context.

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