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  5. "I am a man and a citizen."

"I am a man and a citizen."

Translation:Je suis un homme et un citoyen.

March 14, 2013



French-speakers say "Je suis un homme et un citoyen" instead of "Je suis homme et citoyen?" Can someone please explain to me why they use the indefinite article "un" here and not, e.g., in "Il est professeur?"


"professeur" is an occupation, so no article.

"homme" and "citoyen" are nouns and nouns are generally not used alone. They show with a "determiner" or "modifier": definite or indefinite or demonstrative or possessive articles.


However, in one of the previous questions, you said you'd prefer "C'est le témoin" or "Il est témoin" à notre mariage, rather than "Il est le...". So, when you say occupation, is the question on whether or not to drop the article: is the noun something intrinsic to the subject (e.g. un homme, un citoyen), or something as which the subject is acting (e.g. a job or the role of witness?)


I would say that "témoin" is not an occupation in the professional sense of the word. It is as much a role you can play, much similar to "citizen", in my opinion.

The comment I made about "le témoin à notre mariage" with a dual, alternative interpretation "il est... or c'est...) was exclusively prompted by the unique character of that role (LE témoin).

Example with citizen:

He is the citizen of honor = il est le citoyen d'honneur or c'est le citoyen d'honneur.


Hmm. I'm not sure I explained what I meant very well... Would you say any of the following are wrong?

Je suis un homme. Je suis un chrétien. Je suis un athée. Je suis musicien. Je suis un hétérosexuel. Je suis un homosexuel. Je suis un chanteur. Je suis un mammifère. Je suis un frère. Je suis batteur.


je suis un homme (noun), je suis chrétien (adj), je suis athée (adj), je suis musicien (prof), je suis hétérosexuel (adj), je suis homosexuel (adj), je suis chanteur (prof), je suis un mammifère (noun), je suis un frère (brother or monk?), je suis batteur (prof)

but: je suis un bon chrétien, je suis un athée convaincu, je suis un médiocre musicien, je suis un chanteur amateur, je suis un moine capucin, je suis un batteur professionnel.


Thanks, that clears it up for me.


At first glance, i read man as mad ;) :p

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