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  5. "Co jsou alternativní fakta?"

"Co jsou alternativní fakta?"

Translation:What are alternative facts?

November 7, 2017



So if I understand this correctly: the word fact is normally translated as fakt in Czech and is declined as a regular masculine noun, but in plural Nominative and Accusative the form fakta is used, as if the word was neuter?


This one is tricky (like there isn't enough tricky in Czech already).

Since this is originally a foreign word, it came in twice. There is a masculine 'fakt' and neuter 'faktum'. They mean exactly the same thing. We tend to use the masculine for singular and the neuter for plural.Yet in this sentence 'fakty' should be also accepted.




Thanks! Just to clarify, should you use the neuter faktum for all plural forms or only for Nominative and Accusative cases?


well, you CAN use both neutral and masculine. The neuter just seems to be more common in plural. In all cases.

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