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Other learning courses, books?

Hey Guys :)

I am wondering if there are any other recources you'd recommend to learn japanese.

I am using Duolingo and Memrise currently. I just feel that both of them lack something, I can't seem to understand what the course is trying to teach me, I'm stuck at Time Course 3. I can't seem to understand how to build sentences and reading the kanji ect. It feels like it lacks grammar explanation, with examples ect.

I am able to read hiragana and am currently working on learning katakana, while trying to remember words. It´s very much.

I have heard about japanese from zero and genki. Is that something you would recommend, or do you use anything different?

And how do you guys learn Japanese? Kanji first? Grammar first? Both at the same time?

I'd be really thankful for every answer I can get on this topic. Just before I burn my money I'd like to know if it's worth it to burn it for studying material.

Thanks in advance, have a nice morning/ day/ evening.

November 7, 2017



If you are looking for grammar explanations, Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese (guidetojapanese.org) is a great resource. There's quite a bit of material on the web site, plus it's completely free!


Thanks alot :) I will look into it.


You can find many useful resources in this post (click on this gray text). I hope you find them useful. Concerning the learning method, it may differ from one person to another, but considering how different the Japanese sentence structure from English is and the nature of the Japanese writing system, I recommend picking up a good grammar book, and the continuous learning and review of kanji in parallel with any study approach you decide.


Thank you for linking that discussion, very useful. And thank you for the hints as well. <3


well, i'm from brazil and here we have a man that help us learn japonise. First we learned hiragana using music. if u don't have any problem with portuguese i can sent to u the material and site. If u wanna answer me with ur email, good luck.


Sadly I don't speak portuguese :( But thank you very much for the attempt :)


I myself use Genki as a resource to learn Japanese. I believe you should prioritize learning grammar initially and learn kanji gradually as it comes along.


Is genki a good "programm" to use? (I know it's a book) Do you like working with it?


I used a book for beginner "Minna no Nihongo". This book has a nesessary grammar list with simple explanation (it's important!), vocabulary and audio lessons, which has a little part in each lessons.


I will look into it, thank you!


Try LingoDeer! It's very helpful!


Theres a website called Linguascope with sorta like minigames for languages, I cant really describe but it helped with French for me not sure if it has Japanese but if it does try it


Sadly it doesn´t have Japanese, but thank you anyway :)

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