Catching Up

So I have a lot of things to repractice. Its kind of annoying. So what is the fastest way to repractice lessons to catch up with new lessons?

November 7, 2017


Just practice what you know you are weak in. Don’t try to return everything back to Gold as it is not necessary.

Start from the bottom of the tree with the more advanced lessons. Because it uses vocabulary from previous lessons chances are it will turn more than one skill gold.

How often do you have to practice too to keep up?

Timed practice. Available at the lingot store. It has helped me a ton. SPQR and Ciao! Warriorg315

I regularly use that. It helps that.

Reminds me of a joke about the old bull and the young bull....but I digress. Just re-do all your lessons from the beginning. The memory jog will be quick and you will surprise yourself with how good you've become. Enjoy a Lingot.

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