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  5. "Jeho ženu neznám."

"Jeho ženu neznám."

Translation:I do not know his wife.

November 7, 2017



Tu ženu neznám = I do not know that woman. Correct?


Why isn't "I don't know his woman" accepted?


What should be the meaning of "his woman"? Jeho žena is always understood as "his wife" in Czech.


Ok, thank you. I just thought that zena means woman and manzelka means wife.


It does meant that. But žena means a wife in many contexts too. Translating it as woman often does not make sence in those contexts.


But I was really asking what should "his woman" mean. I know a song from Deep Purple "My woman from Tokyo" but I am not aware this is usual in English and I am not sure about the meaning. I think it does not correspond to the Czech sentence. That's why I asked. You cannot just translate words by words, you need to think about the meaning of the whole sentence.


In english, "his woman" is a derogatory way saying that she is the man's girlfriend or wife. Basically meaning that they are together, and she is off limits to other men. It's a poor choice of words, and not a great example of the English language by any means.

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