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Duolingo needs an explanation part in each lesson.

German is quite complicated because of its grammar. I have many questions about the German grammar. I think Duo should add an explanation part in each lesson so the languages learner on Duo can understand the languages that they learn clearly. I would be very happy if the moderators add the explanation parts. Thank you !

November 7, 2017



There is an explanation part(in most languages). If you go to the skill, before you start a lesson, scroll down and it has everything you need to know!


Yes, grammar tips are great online. I can't stand that the app doesn't have a way to access it for when I'm out an about. Of course, Google is one's friend... :)


Before you start a skill, scroll down to near the bottom of the page, and you should find some notes explaining the grammar and stuff.


That only works on the website, not the mobile app.

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