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Der / Die / Das

I think that it would be nice to get a description when learning german about when der / die / das is used in most cases.

It is as far as I think one of the most tricky german things and I am also bored about getting so many Der /Die / Das errors. If it is possible to create a post in the beginning of the german tree it would be nice.

Jonathan Dalgaard

November 7, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Hi, I've suffered also with those articles, and I Always try to learn the words with its genders, so I'm not confusing them so often like before. Try to learn the words in context, example: You'll not learn "Mann", you'll learn "Der Mann", this way, it's easier to recover those "Die" (feminine); "Der" (masculine) and "Das" (neutral). Another thing, if you hover your mouse in the words, you can see its genders, if it's Masculine\Feminine\Neutral. That is a help for sure. Good luck with your studies and sorry for my bad english, I'm still learning it. Bye


    Yes I know that Der is Masculine and Die ist feminine and so on but actually what i search is how do I find out what gender a letter or a dog is. Is there a way or some tricks to what it might be.

    [deactivated user]

      Ahhh I got it. You want to know if it's possible to "guess" the gender by just looking at, example in Portuguese (my native language): Gato (cat) : it finishes with O, therefore it's masculine Gata (cat) :it finishes with A, therefore, it's feminine. Ohhh I'm sorry to say this, but German doesn't have a pattern like that, it's just random. You have to memorize the words with its genders


      It's actually not completely random. There are some tips, such as -heit and -e are feminine, etc.


      Yes it is like that I think that it would be nice if there could be made an article or a blog of any kind

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      Hello, Targon is right , the best way is to learn the words always with the article. Perhaps this link will give you a little help. http://www.passion4teq.com/articles/der-die-das-genus-regeln/


      It is a gap in Duolingo that the grammar is never explained. But I look on Duolingo as only the start of learning language. You need to supplement it with further work. For example, I have Der Spiegel pushing notifications to my phone. I often learn of important news first from them. It's unfortunately how I first learnt the word tot.

      germanforenglishspeakers.com is a website I found that explained a lot of the key German grammatical concepts. Really useful for those adjectives in particular. I was getting confused about why endings seemed to vary for instances with the same case and gender. Turns out endings very depending on the article used.


      Grammer is explained, just only on the web, only when you press on a lesson circle to see the grammar, only quite shallowly in many cases, and only once for each Cocept, so you have to go back to the original lesson for each issue - like present 1 or adverbs 1 or whatever. Also german is tricky and there eis not so e much grammar explination as one would like, other languages have loads more ( 0r at least is sems that way to me)

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