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Japanese has passed Turkish in overall learners!

The Japanese course for English speakers has passed the Turkish course for English speakers in overall learners! Currently, they both have gained 3.41 Million learners (most of which are not active), but Japanese is finally on top! The course has brought over 400,000 people to check it out over the course of 2 weeks. Even more amazing - it is still in Beta! Congratulations to the Japanese team for creating such an alluring course!

November 7, 2017



Ha, it's not even a surprise, I wonder would it climb over Russian some day? Meanwhile Spanish got another million which is also no surprise! I kinda even regret a bit that I haven't started to learn Spanish sooner, would have been fluent by now!


Si necesitas ayuda, I can help!


id say today japanese has just a few more speakers than russian on here now


That's impressive. Soon, it'll easily surpass Irish, Swedish and Dutch. It might even surpass Russian in the future. It's by far the most popular beta course of Duolingo and it's entering in the Top 10 of all Duolingo, so congratulations for its creators.


we were waiting for this!

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