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  5. please help me out :(


please help me out :(

Hello , could someone help me out , i can't remember anything i learned i am currantly learning Korean language (south) . And everything i learned i forgot , and the only way i complete it by remembering the answers after i fail , am i doing something wrong? is there any other ways to learn? or im doing something bad?

November 7, 2017



Just keep practising the exercises. Repetition is the key to remembrance. You could also try TinyCards or Memrise for the vocabulary.


that isn't really helpful because exercises are hard as i dont know anything


Here are some ideas you could try: Re-do the exercises you've already finished. Mouse over the Korean words to see the English meanings, or mouse over the English words to see the Korean. Start a notebook and write down the words you don't remember, and what they mean. Good luck!

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