Spanish Adverbs: The unstrengthenable skill

I have tried to strengthen Spanish Adverbs 5 times and still is at 4 bars. Anyone else having this problem?

November 7, 2017


That's a well-known bug.
Repeat one or more of the lessons of the skill, starting at the last lesson.

November 7, 2017


November 7, 2017

I think it's really sad that DuoLingo has "well-known bugs" in the sense that the bugs stick around long enough that there gets to be a culture of understanding them.

There are glitches or shortcomings I've seen from the very start of using DuoLingo that have never been fixed.

When I first discovered DuoLingo, my mind was blown by how amazing of a service it was...and free...something I'd gladly pay a lot of money for. But as time goes on it seems like the product was mostly a "drop and run". The teams of volunteers are very active at developing and maintaining courses, at least in many languages, but as for the programming itself, it seems to be languishing and stagnating. I wonder what the heck the people behind the scenes are even doing...why I have submitted countless bug reports and never get a reply to any of them and rarely have any of them ever been fixed and even there...I'm not sure if it is really a fix or just an accident that the bug goes away perhaps because I updated my browser or they changed something else on the site that inadvertently or incidentally fixed the bug.

It's like using a brilliant piece of abandonware that is years ahead of its time but not being actively's a great product but you are stuck with the bugs with little hope of them ever being fixed, and you never know if some feature you care about is going to randomly break or be removed with no explanation and no recourse.

It's a pretty ❤❤❤❤❤❤ position for users to be put in, if you ask me.

November 10, 2017
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