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Ukrainian Tree Completed

After 215 day of effort, I have completed the Ukrainian tree. Now I plan to take my time and keep on honing my skills with daily revision with Duolingo plus immersing myself in the яблуко textbooks from the Ukrainian Catholic University's School of Language and Culture. http://studyukrainian.org.ua/en/books. Heck, I may try the reverse tree approach (learn English from Ukrainian)!

Happy Studying!

November 7, 2017



Congratulations, good job!

> I may try the reverse tree approach (learn English from Ukrainian)!

That's a very good idea, I was doing that for my target languages as well.

And you can actually contribute to the English course for the speakers of Ukrainian by spotting problems with English sentences. That course was created by non-native speakers of English, their English is strong but it's impossible to avoid all kind of mistakes anyway.



I just finished the reverse tree. Certainly very useful. Pretty straightforward overall, but you do have to be willing to learn via trial and error. Having spent a good deal more time on the "forward" tree than me, you may avoid a good portion of the error.

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