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"Our national team will win!"

Translation:Onze nationale ploeg zal winnen!

10 months ago



I typed "Onze nationale team zal winnen!" and it was corrected to "Ons nationale team zal winnen!" I thought if something is a het-word (in which case it will use "ons" and not "onze") then the adjective preceding it should not be the kind that ends in -e, e.g. it should be "nationaal" instead of "nationale". Does this only apply to certain adjectives? I never managed to grasp an understanding of which words use "het" and "de", and what adjectives to use with them.

10 months ago

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You're almost correct, however all adjectives take the -e suffix in the plural/definite form, regardless of whether they're 'de' or 'het' words. For example;

  • een team
  • het team
  • een nationaal team
  • het nationale team
  • de nationale teams

  • een ploeg

  • de ploeg
  • een nationale ploeg
  • de nationale ploeg
  • de nationale ploegen

I hope this clears it up for you.

10 months ago