"Její jméno je úplně jiné."

Translation:Her name is entirely different.

November 7, 2017

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In English you could also say 'her name is completely different'


That is also an accepted translation.


Is this like some czech (I'm sorry for this wordalike translation) tongue breaker?


No. We have better ones, like "Třistatřiatřicet stříbrných stříkaček stříkalo přes třistatřiatřicet stříbrných střech." To ease your worries, I promise that this one won't make it into the course.


Yeah, that's what they all say...


Why 'her name is absolutely different' doesn't accepted?


The meaning of "úplně" was given as "definitely" in a previous exercise, I have a note of it, but it was not accepted here although I would have thought it has the same meaning as entirely. I have reported it. The previous discussion about "quite" is interesting, you could even say quite interesting. "Her name is quite different" does indeed mean "...entirely..." with "different", but on the other hand for example "her name is quite nice" means "...somewhat nice."! Very confusing for anyone learning English! .


In this exercise, we accept "completely/totally/absolutely/quite/utterly" besides "entirely". "Her name is definitely different" means something entirely different (lol) and would not be expressed by "úplně".

"úplně" may mean "definitely" in different contexts, not here though. That's how it is with words in different languages, you can't expect a 1:1 equivalence.


Point taken, I shall say no more, though I'm definitely not sure about not definitely!


"Definitely" here would mean "certainly", as in "I'm sure that her name is different". Perhaps her name is only slightly different, but you know for sure that it is different.


The word "totally" fits well here too. I tried that word but it was rejected . I will report that it should be accepted..


Well, you have reported "her name is totally". That's obviously not enough :) And "Her name is totally different" is accepted.


If that's what I did, then I can understand how it's incomplete.

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