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What is another way of learning Japanese?

Japanese is getting hard for me because I can't remember all the different signs for the sentences. Is there any suggestions? Thanks :)

November 7, 2017



You are at level 5 now, and in my opinion, it's too early to worry. If you cannot remember, then it's probably time to review what you've studied instead of starting new lessons. At the risk of sounding cliché, practice makes perfect. So, give it time, and don't try to cram too much too quickly, because unlike other languages, even the writing system is new, so it is not strange for learning Japanese to take extra time compared to Spanish or Italian, for example. If things get tough, there are many users here who within their capacity, will answer any questions you have, so please don't hesitate to ask. Good luck.

P.S. Here are two card decks on Tinycards to help you memorize Japanese syllabary (click on the gray text):




Well, I'll be darned. I just tried Tinycards for the first time, and i love them! Fun and cool. Thanks so much for suggesting them, Arachnje. Have a lingot!


Thank you sooooooo much!


Try LingoDeer. It's very helpful, especially with the characters! :)


I know many japanese learning websites. https://www.tofugu.com is useful it gives japanese learning resources monthly and articles about japanese culture, I think you should look around the website because it is very useful and helped me memorize japanese hiragana and katakana quickly :)

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