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German fluency % rating - how high?

My German fluency on Duolingo reached 69% today, which was encouraging. Does anybody know if it can go higher than this? PS please, no responses about how silly or pointless the fluency rating is. Many thanks :-)

November 7, 2017



Congratulation! 69 % is the highest fluency in German that I have ever seen here.


I have reached 70% today, word list is 2799. I think they silently updated some of the tree few weeks ago, because I am seeing new sentences.


2799 is a little higher than my words list I think. Congratulations on reaching 70% :-)


In all the time I am learning here I have read a lot of information about fluency rates. The highest I've ever heard of is about 75%, but please don't ask me for which language. For GER from E I think it was about 73%. Your 69% is better than my own score was (and I am a native German) so thumbs up and a Lingot from me.


Many thanks indeed for replying, and for the Lingot ☺


Ich habe heute ebenso 69% erreicht. Vielleicht hat Duolingo die Messung verändert? Es ist seltsam dass es für mich so schnell ansteigt. Jedenfalls, gut gemacht. Deine Strähne ist auch beeindruckend. Ich hoffe, wir können uns um mindestens ein Prozent mehr verbessern, denn 70 ist eine schöne runde Zahl.


I did wonder whether they may have changed the algorithm recently.


Ja, es wäre sehr befriedigend, 70% zu verdienen! Vielen Dank.


My German fluency was raised to 69% yesterday as well. I have been practicing the same as usual. I have been doing around 100 XP per day for months and get approximately 90-95% correct. I think they just reset the algorithm. My actual fluency has not changed.


Brilliant! Well done. Let's try for 70% :-)


Mine has now reached 62%. I'm about 6 topics from completing the tree. It has been rising rapidly recently. Only 2 points behind French despite me being pretty that my French is way better than my German.


To get to 62% before completing the tree is a great achievement :-).


I just hit 69% also. I'm retired so I do 100 XP per day each morning. I don't understand the fluency rating. Mine ranged around 42% for a couple of months, but has increased 27% over the last three weeks, all within level 25. Congratulations to all. I have learned much more with this program than with any language curriculum in high school or college.


I've also reached 70% today. After stagnating at 62-63% for almost 6 months, in last two weeks I've made this jump (I was doing 50 XP/day the whole time). Obviously there has been some changes in the percentage calculation, now I also wonder what is the highest possible value. Too bad I'm almost finished with the course (I plan to switch to french after i hit level 25).


congratulations!!!!!!! I reach 26% and I just started on sunday . I really want to know how long did it take to get to 69% .


Nearly 2 years of practising a lot every single day! Do not be discouraged, just keep up the good work :-)

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I am at 61% as of today.


Hallo! Congratulations! I have reached a German fluency rate of 63% on one account and I have 23% on an old account I haven't used in a while. I've tried repeatedly to delete the old account without success and now my phone keeps going back to it. So I'm locked out of the account I would like to use... can't seem to solve the problem on my computer or phone - can anyone help? Also - now that I've gotten through all the steps - what next? Love the program but it doesn't seem to go anywhere at this point.


Try deleting and reinstalling the app (rather than the account) on your phone, and then sign in only with the new account.


77 % are at least possible (German-English)

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