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New Achievements!? v.1.2 [UPDATED!]

Today I logged into DuoLingo and then I clicked on one of my notifications. I went to one of my new follower's homepage and was blasted by a bunch of achievements. Are these mine? I think so...

Anyway, they were all stuff I had done a long, long time ago, like 30-day Streak and 100+ XP in a day, and getting 3 Friends...and many others.

When did these achievements come? Or was DuoLingo having some technical issues until now? Or is it viewing other people's achievements?

I'm really excited and more motivated with DuoLingo, now knowing that it isn't worthless trying to learn languages not only for the Streak. I know that languages are beautiful, and French is one of the best! (Personal opinion; really, all languages are wonderful.) I now see that my efforts to try to do my best in French weren't worthless.

Thank you once again to DuoLingo and all fellow Users!

~ I'm feeling great, FrenchByte


It seems to be an A/B test, and it has lots of flat design. Some people were talking about extended profiles. Please tell me how to find them!

Apparently there are 3 levels for each achievement. For example, someone got 1 star for Overachiever, 50+ XP in a day. I got 2 stars for the same achievement, but 100+ stars in a day. I think it is a relatively new feature, and I would like to view my achievements to get 3 stars in all of them!

Comment if you think there is anything more to say, or you are excited!


I unfortunately may have given some false information or data, due to forgetting things like achievement names.

Jersebas has created a few updates and data discussions. I will continue doing a few things here; it appears that some users are getting sidebars with their achievements. Like many others, I did not get one.

It seems that the third level is always much higher than the others, and it is a challenge to get 3 stars in every achievement. Also, some of them aren't showing up, even though I did the work. Of course, as I said, this is probably just an A/B test.

Conclusions? It might not work, but since it has been on the app for quite some time, introducing it to the website would be a great idea. I'm sure this new update would work great over half the time, and I am looking forward to these new things that give me the motivation to do extra work, just for learning the language.

November 7, 2017



They have been testing Achievements on mobile. They must've decided to also implement on the web.

However, it doesn't look like the functionality is finished, since they don't seem to be displayed anywhere (or at least anywhere I tried looking).


Very true, they aren't shown. Hope it becomes a fully developed feature!


Thank you!

Just curious: how do you find the comment id?


Either (easiest way) in the mail notification or (a little less user-friendly) in the "Elements" tab of your browser's console.


Where does it say the id in the console?


Find the element corresponding to the comment in the list of Elements ("Element" tab) and said element will contain the number in the "id" field.


i want to see the achemvents of others


but i cannot do that. i only see my own


i just got one today for a 2 day streak when i've had a 9 day streak bfore i think its weird!


EDIT: hey were called Wildfire, Friendly, Over-Achiever, etc. Wonder if we could view this on our profile? That would be cool!

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