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[Duolingo Web] Achievements

So I just got several pop-ups (modals) with achievements I earned (200Xp a day, overachiever (learning on Sa/Su, and all-skills-golden). Stupidly I forgot to take screenshots and now I can't find anything about them anywhere anymore i.e. no overview of achievements (earned). Did somebody else have them too and/or knows anything about them? Could be an A/B test? The ones I got looked great and I must admit I'll "chase" any (reasonable) challenges/achievements they think of to collect them all hehe =) Looking forward to more of this!


  • Big Spender (spending) – You spent ... lingots (Tiers: 20, 50, 200)
  • Champion (completion) – (Tiers: 10, 20, no. of skills in tree)
    • You completed ... skills of a course
    • You conquered a course
  • Friendly (social)
    • You followed 3 friends
    • You got followed by 3 friends
    • You invited a friend to join you on Duolingo
  • Inner Circle (clubs)
    • You became part of a Club
    • You got to the top of your Club's leaderboard
    • You became your Club's weekly winner
  • Overachiever (xp) – You earned ... XP in a day (Tiers: 50, 100, 200)
  • Overtime (time)
    • You completed a lesson or practice before 8am
    • You completed a lesson or practice after 10pm
    • You met your daily goal on Saturday and Sunday
  • Sharpshooter (perfect) – You completed ... lesson(s) or practice(s) without getting anything wrong (Tiers: 1, 5, 20)
  • Shiny (gold_skills) – (Tiers: 10, 20, no. of skills in tree)
    • You had ... skills golde at the same time
    • You had all skills golden at the same time
  • Wildfire (streak) – You maintained a ...-day streak (Tiers: 2, 7, 30)
  • Wizard (items)
    • You equipped a Streak Freeze
    • You equipped a Weekend Amulet
    • You won a Double or Nothing wager

Unconfirmed names: Flaming

A big thanks to FieryCat who discovered most of this data!

November 7, 2017



I just found a piece of code that is responsible for the pop-ups. Outcome:

  • clubs: "Inner Circle"
    • "Join or create a Club" --> "You became part of a Club"
    • "Get to the top of your Club's leaderboard" --> "You got to the top of your Club's leaderboard"
    • "Become your Club's weekly winner" --> "You became your Club's weekly winner"
  • completion: "Champion"
    • "Complete {{num_skills}} skill(s) of a course" --> "You completed {{num_skills}} skill(s) of a course"
    • ...
    • "Complete all skills of a course" --> "You conquered a course"
  • gold_skills: "Shiny"
    • "Have {{num_gold_skills}} golden skill(s) at the same time" --> "You had {{num_gold_skills}} skill(s) golden at the same time"
    • ...
    • "Have all skills golden at the same time" --> "You had all skills golden at the same time"
  • items: "Wizard"
    • "Equip a Streak Freeze" --> "You equipped a Streak Freeze"
    • "Equip a Weekend Amulet" --> "You equipped a Weekend Amulet"
    • "Win a Double or Nothing wager" --> "You won a Double or Nothing wager"
  • perfect: "Sharpshooter"
    • "Do {{num_perfect_lessons}} lesson(s) or practice(s) without getting anything wrong" --> "You completed {{num_perfect_lessons}} lesson(s) or practice(s) without getting anything wrong"
    • ...
    • ...
  • social: "Friendly"
    • "Follow 3 friends" --> "You followed 3 friends"
    • "Get followed by 3 friends" --> "You got followed by 3 friends"
    • "Invite a friend to join you on Duolingo" --> "You invited a friend to join you on Duolingo"
  • spending: "Big Spender"
    • "Spend {{num_lingots}} lingot(s)" --> "You spent {{num_lingots}} lingot(s)"
    • ...
    • ...
  • streak: "Wildfire"
    • "Maintain a {{streak}}-day streak" --> "You maintained a {{streak}}-day streak"
    • ...
    • ...
  • time: "Overtime"
    • "Complete a lesson or practice before 8am" --> "You completed a lesson or practice before 8am"
    • "Complete a lesson or practice after 10pm" -- "You completed a lesson or practice after 10pm"
    • "Meet your daily goal on Saturday and Sunday" --> "You met your daily goal on Saturday and Sunday"
  • xp: "Overachiever"
    • "Earn {{xp}} XP in a day" --> "You earned {{xp}} XP in a day"
    • ...
    • ...


Great find! I updated the list above with your data, hope you don't mind =)


I don't mind, of course.


How do you keep on holding such a HUGE streak?


I just made sure I gained one more habit.


I have not actually done this yet (though I did do the others, but not today):


I got this one as well. Strangely, I didn't spend anything that I know of.


You have a formal outfit, a streak freeze and at least some wagers... guess those are counted as well =)


The lingot leprechaun helped me get the one-star version.


Hey Big Spender! cue music


Thanks for adding the screenshot, another name discovered =) Added it to the list...


Does "Give Lingot count towards the Big Spender stars? Or do you have to spend them at the store?


Good question. According to my experience “Given” lingots do not count; I use the “give lingot” function a lot and it never changes my “spending” score. On the other hand my 7-day wagers do count, though that's not really spending but “investing” ☺. Paradoxical.


Is there any way to know how far along one is for this achievement? I have both outfits for the owl but only at 2 stars, and there's really not a lot of things to spend lingots on tbh. :/



I always had them on my tablet (Android) they changed serveral times the look of the achievements, but the screen shot shows the current look.

best regards Angel


I just logged in, and got a least a dozen award popups!


I did as well. I wasn't expecting the achievement popups, but it was a nice surprise.


Me too, though for what, where they might be recorded and what is the point elude me


My achievements

Three stars:

  • Streak, tier: 3, count: 1021, tier counts: 2,7,30
  • Completion, tier: 3, count: 79, tier counts: 10,20,79
  • Spending, tier: 3, count: 295, tier counts: 20,50,200
  • Time, tier: 3, count: 6, tier counts: 1,1,1
  • Gold_skills, tier: 3, count: 77, tier counts: 10,20,79

Two stars:

  • Social, tier: 2, count: 0, tier counts: 3,3,1

One star:

  • Items, tier: 1, count: 0, tier counts: 1,1,1
  • Xp, tier: 1, count: 20, tier counts: 50,100,200

Not reached:

  • Clubs, tier: 0, count: 0, tier counts: 1,1,1
  • Perfect, tier: 0, count: 0, tier counts: 1,5,20

I am not going to make special efforts to achieve them.


Did you find some overview somewhere?


I got this information through a request to the server. I can get such information for your account if you wish. But there is no any description there.


I got this which look to be my achievements:


But I don't see anything about counts or tier levels?!?


It is the old version of the list of achievements, now they use the new version. Have a look at this: https://www.duolingo.com/2017-06-30/users?username=Jersebas


I got pop ups today, and some of them were ones I had but don't currently and some of the ones I've seen are ones I've had but don't currently and didn't pop up, I'd really like to know if there's a place to check all the ones you have.

I got the 20 shiny one, even though I reset all my courses a week ago, and I'm not up to 20 skills yet and I got the overachiever 100 even though I haven't done that in more than three months, but even though about a month ago I had a nearly 300 day streak, I didn't get any streak ones??? I also didn't get overtime or clubs even though both I know I've done recently enough. and I got sharpshooter 1, so that one they weren't tracking before.

If anyone finds out where to see an overall list that would be ideal.


One of FieryCat's posts mentions a way to get to some raw data which includes your achievements. I haven't got pop-ups for all the ones I'm supposed to have either, and so far I haven't seen an "official Achievements tab" or something yet.


They aren't currently working too well. I should have gotten Sharp-Shooter Star One, but didn't get it. It may take time to update or work; it seems to still be A/B.


Mine's updating fine tonight...I didn'y even need to refresh the profile tab. I'm up to 3/5...would have been 4 but I put a "t" on the end of "go" and got "got"....LOL


Here is raw data of your achievements:

Tier 3:

  • spending, tier: 3, count: 565, tier counts: 20,50,200
  • streak, tier: 3, count: 7, tier counts: 2,7,30

Tier 2:

  • completion, tier: 2, count: 3, tier counts: 10,20,69
  • gold_skills, tier: 2, count: 3, tier counts: 10,20,69
  • social, tier: 2, count: 0, tier counts: 3,3,1
  • xp, tier: 2, count: 50, tier counts: 50,100,200

Tier 1:

  • clubs, tier: 1, count: 0, tier counts: 1,1,1
  • items, tier: 1, count: 0, tier counts: 1,1,1
  • perfect, tier: 1, count: 3, tier counts: 1,5,20

Tier 0:

  • time, tier: 0, count: 0, tier counts: 1,1,1


I don't see them on my web version. So, I'm thinking a/b test.


There's a version of Shiny for 20 golden skills at the same time.


That was one of mine - and I forgot to take screen shots of them :o(


what does before 8 am mean with the overtime? 6-8 or something? i'm always at it around 0-3 am so i'm never awake at that time... unless i am going to adjust my day-night rhytm specifically for that achievement i can never get the first star. plus the friends achievement will never be achieved cause i don't have any friends..


Me too! That happened to me also!


It has happened to several users, and 3 of us (including me) have already created discussions.

Staff here, please?


I looked in my extended profile and found


So there is an A/B test with achievements I guess, although the strange thing is I don't seem to be in it =) Strange that I did get some pop-ups then... do you guys have the same values?


I think it showed up for you because your destiny is experiment, so you are supposed to be in it soon.


I guess you're right, the value has changed now:



How do you view the extended profile ?


If you go to https://www.duolingo.com/users/FrenchByte you get a so called JSON file will all kinds of data for your account. Among them are some variables for different A/B tests (like the one I posted above). Some of these variables can be seen by everyone, others only show up for your own account. If you want to find something I suggest you use your browser's search-function =)


Mine also says false.


I took one screenshot:


Here are a few more pictures:


Next level (2 stars) is 5 perfect ones...


So, 3 must be 10 perfect lessons, right? And they don't have to be in a row?


20 (check your profile, there's a progress bar), and no


Hi. but where are these achievements?


I got Overachiever for 100 XP in a day! Great job, good thing you got a screenshot!


So that achievement has 3 levels: 50 XP = 1 star, 100 XP = 2 stars, 200 XP = 3 stars


200 or 150? How can you be sure? But 200 seems likely.


Because I got the 200 one myself =)


^1 Somehow my tier 3 level values for some achievements differ from FieryCat's ones?!?

My Russian tree has 79 skills; your Norwegian - 117.


Thanks for pointing that out! Changed it in the list


The tier values for completing a tree and having all skills golden probably depends on the tree you're doing. Since very few trees are if exact same length, it would be weird if the values didn't differ.


I now have an overview of my achievements in the sidebar, and my user profile is updated with more information about all achievements I've unlocked: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25133529

Can't see other people's achievements though.. (i.e. if I go to FieryCat's profile I see no achievements, but do see an updated layout)



Highest Streak: 57 Lingots: 85 Total xp: 5715 Achievements

Wildfire You maintained a 30-day streak Champion You conquered a course Friendly You invited a friend to join you on Duolingo Overachiever You earned 200 XP in a day Shiny You had all skills golden at the same time Big Spender Spend 200 lingots 135 / 200 Overtime You met your daily goal on Saturday and Sunday Sharpshooter Do 5 lessons or practices without getting anything wrong 1 / 5


I just updated my own user script. So here is the full list of your achievements:

I did not find any mention about Flaming in the JS code and CSS.


What are the Wizard and the Shield for? I don't have those (not even blank ones!) Are they app based achievements?

Thx FC - have a tin of salmon on me!


Wizard is Wizard (items) from the list of the main post and Shield is Inner Circle (clubs). I dont know why they decided not to display these achievements. Your achievements:

You probably right: The first one needs Weekend Amulet and the second one is for clubs. Both the things are only for app.


Thanks FC - it's been a while since I read the main post....

I don't use the app at all (not even downloaded it) so I'm intrigued that I've gained a Wizard star!

Have a lingot for your trouble :o)

[Edit] Ah I see - I've equipped a streak freeze so 1 star, I have won several (9 or 10) double or nothing bets, but because I can't access a Weekend Amulet, they won't be counted! Hmmmm maybe I'll download and buy a WA just before I change my phone (I'm presuming I'd need to reinstall on a new phone?) LOL


Hmmmm maybe I'll download and buy a WA just before I change my phone (I'm presuming I'd need to reinstall on a new phone?) LOL

They correctly calculated everything: You are doing what they want you to do :D


Chuckle I thought the same thing just after I posted it! My point was that I didn't mind downloading on a phone I was about to discard purely for the star...with no intention of installing it on my new phone! Then I thought really?! for a couple of stars! I have more important things in my life....chasing the sharpshooter third star is one thing, but streak stars???? ROFL


Wizard and shield aren't showing up for me either but I do use the desktop version. How do I get them to turn up? I'm in a group and I've bought a freeze


Can you tell me how to do the user script thing ?

You can take the script here, it is called "DuoProfile".


There is no way to see these achievements on the desktop version currently. I use my own user script for that. Here are your achievements:


@FireCat please answer?

Which question? You cannot see these two achievements on desktop version except for using a special script. If you want to get the second and third stars for the wizard, you need buy weekend amulet that is available in the app only on Fridays and not for all versions (use the search). There is a workaround, but it does not make sense, because the achievement is still not displayed.


LINGOTS FOR YOU!! I get the club one not showing up but the streak freeze and wagers are on desktop as well? Aren't they? (I've never seen the amulet though) Can you tell me how to do the user script thing ?


@FireCat please answer?


I'd like a link to that userscript.

  • 2598

I just need to spend some more lingots to get the final 3-star achievement, but I have no way to spend more lingots, other than by wagering 5 per week.


You could buy streak freezes, even if you don't particularly need them. Also, if you haven't already there are the bonus skills (I honestly have no idea how I've spent 200 lingots)


Ha, I didn't get any so far, maybe coz I strictly use the app version and got almost all the achievements out there already?


BTW: The achievements are explained in more detail on the Android app.

You could install an Android emulator software like Bluestacks, NOX, VMWare (Android x64 image for VMWare V12/V14 workstation or player).

The same applies if you are interested to get tapping exercises - instead of typing (web) for the 1st-3rd learning sessions - but you want to practice on a PC/Windows/Mac with bigger screen.

Or: If you want to take part in an Android language club but you do not use a Smartphone.


Thanks for posting! This is great!


I actually have 3 friends following me but it won't give me the friendly step 2 achievement because they are not new :( can 3 new friends follow me? I will follow back so you can get yours


I have gotten more than 100 xp many days in a row and the Overachiever badge doesn't register them. I also tried doing the practice without the timer to see if that caused the problem, but it still didn't register them for the overachiever badge.


Thebenoch, did you get all of those XP using the app? And, did your app sync with the servers before midnight? (Sometimes, there is a delay).

The badges are still being tested as a feature. So, things have been changing here and there. I'm not certain if you still need to get those points with the app or if XP gained on desktop version goes towards it too now.


I got this today. Too bad I had my sound off :)


It is a boost to motivation - I would not do the 200xp in a day otherwise

However, the Sharpshooter does not update. I am pretty sure I have more than 17!


i completed a (actually it's two) lesson at 1 am and on the profile page is still showing that I didn't gain a star for completing or practicing a lesson before 8 am.


I got Big Spender randomly yesterday, but I have no idea what I "spent" my ingots on. I never visited the store... I don't even keep track of them, but did they take some for some reason?


I saw the banners earlier today and now they're gone... What happened to them?


This may be the result of updating your app. I can still see your achievements (web version):


I should have earned the 2 achievements - top in your leader board and top of diamond league after coming first last week, does anyone know why they haven't updated? Or how I can get them updated?

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