"Matěj ji požádal o ruku před dvěma měsíci."

Translation:Matěj proposed to her two months ago.

November 7, 2017

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You can't hear the "o" in the listening exercise.


I'm not Czech, so I might have it wrong, but as far as I know, prepositions alone are not stressed in Czech language and because of that they kind of merge with the following word.


Even if that would be the case, you still cannot hear that this letter is merged with the following word.


It is indeed incorrect. I have disabled the audio exercise.


Why is 'two months ago mátej proposed to her' wrong?


Could this be translated as "Matej asked for her hand two months ago"?


I have the same question as Kiki below: "Why is 'two months ago Matěj proposed to her' wrong?" please?


Not quite an answer, but a bit of information for all learners:

In Czech-to English exercises, generally it is best not to switch the order of the sentence unless not switching it would result in an unnatural translation. That said, the course team does try to anticipate all reasonable word orders, but adding "switches" can easily be overlooked or deferred in light of other priorities... like adding more Tips & Notes and developing the new course tree.


Many thanks BoneheadBass. That absolutely makes sense. My question comes from a significant insecurity about how Czech word order works. Sometimes it seems to be very flexible; other times very prescribed. Very much appreciate Duolingo's team and all the efforts to provide this amazing program....and even these quick replies to our questions. They really help!


Do I really hae to put the "to" in "Matěj proposed to her two months ago."

"Matěj proposed her two months ago." sounds fine to me.


Yes, you really do need to include "to" here. "Matěj proposed her two months ago" is incorrect.


'Matěj asked for her hand two months ago' may be quite formal but still correct?...


I (native AmE) would agree that "'Matěj asked for her hand two months ago" is fine, though likely much less commonly used. If it is not already accepted, I think it could safely be added to the list of translations, as it seems even closer to the Czech sentence that the more common phrasing.


Thank you for your quick and encouraging reply. If/when the translation is officially accepted, could you, please, also arrange for "'Matěj asked for her hand in marriage two months ago" to be accepted?

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