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Just wondering for a timescale on the Mandarin and Hindi courses

Hello lovely Duolingo community!

Is there any higher ups who browse these far corners of the discussion forums that might be able to set a estimate on when the Mandarin + Hindi courses will be into beta? Super psyched for the two most practiced languages on the planet to be bridged into english on this super accessible and friendly platform.

Keep up the awesome work!

November 7, 2017



Mandarin is expected to be released in 9 days, and is currently in alpha testing.

I can't say for sure when Hindi will be released, but I can say that Hindi made a lot of progress last week. So, soon? Probably. Who knows how fast the Hindi team will continue working.


If Hindi consistently makes progress near what it made this past week, it should be ready in about a few months. If it continues this quickly, the course will be done within week or two, and alpha testing and technical configurations from staff would likely take another few months. Maybe audio too.

This assumes:
1. It maintains its unusually high pace.
2. The WIU chart accurately portrays the end goal of the Incubator team.
3. There aren't other complications.

Very exciting after the extended delay. Makes you wonder what goes into the Incubator next. Perhaps once the Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, and Tagalog teams finish their English courses they will create reverse courses. Or we could have a surprise like Haitian Creole.


Wow, 9 days seems very promising wheres hatching for Chinese is 37% and for Hindi 70%!


The percentages on the course list are usually as accurate as the fluency meter - NOT AT ALL.


Ha, I see, yeah, fluency meter is a funny thing, so arbitrary!


Oh my gosh, how exciting! I'd assumed there were still months to go and had bought a book of Chinese characters to practice and learn some vocab, and have been watching videos from natives on tones and pronunciation, thinking I'd get a head start for the DL course. Guess I'll end up as a true beginner instead ;)


Hindi is expected to be released on April 1, 2018, and Mandarin will be released in 9 days, hopefully! :)

So excited for these! <3


In the App store, the current update for Duolingo includes the line, "Chinese is coming to iOS very very very soon! How soon? Very very very soon."

Given that I think they're alpha testing it on both iOS and Android and Korean came out for both platforms simultaneously, I assume a similar statement would be applicable for Android.


woooooo mandarin ..... I cant wait

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