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Today I went to Duolingo and immediately upon logging in, I earned three achievements, mostly relating to gilded skills within my tree. Is this a new feature? An A/B test? Where can I view all my achievements if this is intended? These achievements caught me by surprise and I wonder if they're something new or not.

November 7, 2017



The older posts don't load for me either. This situation has exacerbated over the last few weeks. Personally, I'd rather have a site that ran efficiently, than achievement badges.


As far as I can see, it looks like an A/B test to implement the same kind of achievements we see in phone (at least in Android phones in my case) to web. Haven’t gotten it myself so far tbh.


This makes sense, though I have not seen anything on my end. But the notion it is an A/B test from my understanding of what that is explains why I possibly wouldn't know.

Actually, I got 3 acheivments too. The site is changing a bit. And that is clear and its not like its an integral part of the language learning proccess


Yeah, looks more like something enhancing the experience of the site more than anything else.


I just got 4 - including one for "conquering" a course, although I've never come close to finishing a course :/ - although I can't find anywhere to view existing/upcoming achievements. I'm guessing it's an A/B test, but it seems strange that's it's only half-implemented (ie. no (obvious) way to view the achievements).


Well, I'm late to the party. I have no idea what this "achievement" thing is about, but I assume it has to do with an A/B test since I have never encountered anything remotely like that. Though, it seems like a motivating feature to have. ^ ^


I don't have achievements, but I notice the Duolingo Plus is now available to me on the app for the first time, so evidently they have just rolled out some new features to erstwhile A/B 'controls'.

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