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Typos in tree

So, I scrolled through the tree to see what I would be learning, and I found that both the "Direction" and "Classroom" lessons have typos. Typos: "Direction1" "Direction2" "Classroom" "Classroom2"

November 7, 2017



A bit of logical thinking is enough to solve this one, without me having to scour the forums for an official answer.

You're talking specifically about the spelling of the skill titles on the tree home page only, right?

On that page, none of the 40 skills in the Japanese tree have more than 10 characters displayed for their titles. The "Transportation" skill, which would have 14 characters in its title, is displayed merely as "Trans." because otherwise it would exceed this 10 character limit.

"Direction1", "Direction2", and "Classroom2" would all be 11 characters had a space been included between the word and the number. So the space was removed to meet this 10 character limit.

If you click any of these skills, the skill pages do include the space in the heading (since the 10 character limit doesn't apply here). The Transportation skill has its full name on its skill page too.

The "Classroom" skill, however, doesn't have a typo at all.

However, it is strange that the "Classroom" and "Intro" skill titles don't have their number "1" (unlike other skills with sequels) — maybe this lack of a number is the "typo" you meant?

If this mess of a post made sense, hope it helps~ ^^


So, there is a limit on the titles? Is that on all Languages?


So, there is a limit on the titles?

Seems that way.

Is that on all Languages?

No idea, but I'd expect it to be. There's only a limited amount of space between the skills. If longer titles were allowed, at some point the longer titles would wrap onto multiple lines and the tree might look messier.

English→ Japanese, Korean, Chinese. For these three courses, none of them have skill titles longer than 10 characters on the tree home page.

Japanese→ English. For this course, the titles are written in Japanese. None of the skill titles on the tree home page are longer than 7 full-width characters. It's possible full-width character limit is lower than for half-width. I added an eighth full-width character to one of the titles and some of the text got wrapped onto a separate line.

I'm only doing those four courses though. So I don't know if it's true for other courses.


Maybe because there all a lot of words for directions and classroom stuff that they couldn't fit everything into one lesson so they made 2? This is my guess.

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