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"How many watches does the dragon have?"

Translation:용은 손목시계를 얼마나 많이 가지고 있습니까?

November 7, 2017



What does the 많이 가지고 do? Can't I write this sentence without that?


Only with 가지고, not the 많이. 가지고 means that the subjest has the objects on his or her possesion on than moment. Like saying "I brought my book (came with it)" 저는 책을 가지고 왔어요


가지다 is "to possess" (so the dragon actually has the watches on him - as opposed to just owning some watches).


But since the english doesn't say the dragon has the watches on him, shouldn't 많이 가지다 be unecessary?


According to Hello in Korean, "The adverb 많이 may be used to add emphasis." https://www.helloinkorean.com/how-much-how-many-in-korean-2/


용은 손목시계 몇 개가 있습니까?

Does this mean a different thing to the solution? A comment above mentioned 가지고 있어 to mean actually possessing the watches on it - is my answer more general in that I'm referring to all the watches it has, regardless of whether they are on it or not?


Or 용은 손목시계 몇 대가 있습니까? since 대 is the counter for machines. Does it sound unnatural to native Koreans?


대 is counter for big machines like car or air conditioner and so on... But watch is berry small machine so 손목시계 몇 대 is unnatural.


What is the difference between 얼마나 and 얼마나 많이?


얼마나 on its own is generally how much of something...cost, number, weight, etc. By saying 얼마나 많이, you are asking specifically, what is the number of.


The Korean is incorrect. It was supposed to be as simple as: 용은 얼마나 손목시계를 가지고 있습니까?


용은 손목시계를 얼마나(많이) 가지고 있습니까?

얼마나 how

많이 much/many


Why is 얼마나 많이 favored instead of 몇 개 in this case?


Not so sure but I think. 얼마나 많이 is more on like quantity.

Like in 식간 얼많아? How much time? As opposed to 몇 식마? What time?

If I am wrong please enlighten me.


I thought that 몇 is used if the object is countable (= how many) and 얼마나 많이 if it isn't (= how much), but I must be wrong...


Many dosen't equal 많이 in this situation... 얼마나 just means How Many... not the same Many!


If we look at the dragon's pile of things under the mountain I'm sure we'll find a 손목시계 or two in it...


This remenbers me one of the books you can find in Skyrim, a mini game of pages numbers as steps and choices. There is a dragon on some mountain above a bar.


허허헣 어렵다


I think 많이 is unnecessary


Why 용은 얼마나 많은(이) 손목시계를 가지고 있습니까 is not answer...


가지다(have)->가지고 있다(own)->가지고 있습니까?(question)


Is 가지고 necessary?


Yeah I am korean


"용이 손목시계를 얼만이에요?" doesn't work? 이것은 너무 열심히 있어요 ㅠ_ㅠ


As far as I can tell, that doesn't work for a few reasons. 얼만이에요 should be 얼마예요 and combined with 은/는 or 이/가 instead of 을/를, but then you'd be asking how much the dragon's watch costs. I believe that 얼마나 많이 있어요 should work, because in this case you'd be asking how many watches there are in the dragon's belongings/how many does he have. The proposed solution means literally "how many watches does the dragon own?", which might sound a bit too specific in English, but I'm guessing it's the most natural sounding phrase in Korean.


I wrote: 용은 손목시계가 얼마나 있어요? Shouldn't that be correct, considering that from the English we can't really tell that they wanted the 가지고 있어요 meaning.


용은 손목시계를 얼마나 많이 가지고 있습니까? Why do you need 가지고 ?

Why is this not ok? 용은 손목시계를 얼마나 많이 있습니까?


Why isn't 용은 손목시계를 얼마나 많이 있습니까 acceptable?

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