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Ads re Duolingo Plus

EstelleO Had been seeing a solid blue box on the opening page for DuoLingo which said ads help keep DuoLingo free. This afternoon for the first time there was a message in the block saying "get DuoLingo Plus". What is happening re advertisements--are they on DuoLingo only, and is there a cost for DuoLingo Plus? If so, what is different from DuoLingo now?

November 7, 2017



Duolingo Plus coming to Web!

is there a cost for DuoLingo Plus?

Yes, it is expensive.
Note: If you want to try it, do it only for one month. Because, there have been many complaints about "paying and not getting", bugs, lack of important features etc.


I think the achievements also work on Duolingo Plus. I logged in and it randomly started giving me achievements. Also, I saw a post that said: "DuolingoPlus coming to the web!"

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