Hi how are you guys? I got loads of them today, but I don’t even know how I got them or how to get them it just popped out of nowhere! Please help me with my question thanks!!!!

November 7, 2017


they are called achievements.And they are an update on doulingo

what are the achievements for because I got the same things today too

Nice! Do you remember which ones you got?

I just got an award for following 3 people.

I got the one today for completing a lesson before 8 AM

they are there for encouragement purposes

Really? I didn't know. Thanks for the information!

Thanks for the help!!!

So, are these saves anywhere? I got a whack (okay, five or six) of them last night, but after the notifications I don't see them anywhere.

From what others have said , they are not saved for us to view......yet.

Did anyone get the one about the 200 lingots? I didn't save it so I don't remember exactly. But it said I am an " overspender " and they were taking 200 lingots. I looked all around to see if I inadvertenly bought something, but I don't see anything new. My lingot total remains around 1400 , so I don't think they were actually taken.

If anyone else got this one, I'd like to hear about it. Thanks.

UPDATE : I found it on another post " Big Spender " . It looks like an award for having spent 200 lingots total.

You mean the "Big Spender" one? You're not the only one! =)

As to having bought stuff, what about: flirting EN/FR, idioms EN/FR, wager(s), streak freeze, timed practice... that's easily 200+ lingots

You're right , I had just updated my post.... Thanks

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